First we remove Politics from Health and Education. All powers to run Education and Health at the national level will be devolved to a new National Assembly. We will elect our representatives to it.

The National Assembly. 100/150 people representing all areas of the country. We aim to set new standards in democratic accountability, more efficient, open and responsive. Elections every 4/5 years, with an effective "re-call" system in place between elections, and 3 terms the maximum stay (No "career" politicians will be allowed to stand). In addition to monitoring national policy and passing new laws as required, Assembly Members will be expected to be "doers" at a all levels. The new National Assembly will not be sited in London. We will also establish new representation at local level with delegated powers to oversee how our NHS and Schools operate in our local areas.

Second we take back control of our politicians. With this new democratic structure in place, we will then reduce the number of MPs in the House of Commons by half. They will not be missed!

MPs. We are world champions in our numbers of elected representatives, we have far too many to start with. Around 65% of them, in “safe seats”, have effectively a job for life. Overall, as a group, they are in that growing band of people in our society who are more "commentators" than "doers". Party Politics too often trumps the national interest (for example if you live in a "marginal" constituency you have a much better chance of good access to a hospital – this makes no sense at all on a national NHS scale and means so many other areas miss out).

We have set up the Common Sense party to achieve this. It is quite possible though to imagine other ways to achieve the same ends, for example by a National Referendum. It will probably be best to achieve this in stages; and with all our experiences of the Covid pandemic, it makes sense to start with the NHS.