Update April 2015. We now have a candidate in the South West Herts constituency. Here’s the logic of why we are standing and what we are standing for.

Common Sense  

We are a wonderful people; fair minded, tolerant and bright. The vast majority of us are not “political”, in fact we have a growing sense our traditional political differences are out of date. Our younger generations see this so clearly. No wonder we groan when we have to put up with our politicians posturing, making endless promises, and so often getting it wrong. The trouble is our politicians will never change themselves. So Good News! Now you can vote for Common Sense. The first positive option to improve our politics. Here are two steps to make a real difference for the better.

Common Sense – Safeguard our Health and Education

Take all politics out of our NHS and our schools. We know what we want; first class standards, total fairness and value for money. These are not “political” aims; there is no need for politicians meddling and causing even more damage. We know the issues are complex, requiring objective long term solutions and consistent detailed follow-up. Politics guarantees us pretty well the opposite. We must stop this. Making the Change We have enough trust in people, “non-politicians”, to believe that we can run Health and Education directly and democratically ourselves. Devolve powers away from Westminster to a new elected assembly. Guiding Principles.

Common Sense – Make our Politicians more efficient

Halve the number of MPs! We don’t need more politicians, we actually need less. Reasons to Change. We are world champions in the ratio of number of politicians per head of population! Why? How many of us have experienced some reorganisation and “downsizing” in recent years? We are told it is good for us. Why allow our politicians to be exempt?