Our Golden Opportunity

This new approach offers a real chance to make that positive change in our society which so many people are looking for. But it is a new idea; it needs explaining, it needs understanding, perhaps it will need more time? Do not hesitate to contact us - we’ll be delighted to have your comments and respond to you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ways to help

We need good people to stand up and give us some help. There are many ways you could get involved. Some examples. Help develop our Internet expertise and presence. Promote the Idea on social media. Host local "virtual" meetings of interested people in your area. Seek out new members. Monitor particular social/employment/interest groups to spread the message. Research issues to develop and update our arguments. Develop publicity materials. Prepare for standing at local and national elections.


The Commonsense party was founded in 2015 on this basic platform. We stand by these arguments, indeed when you think about what has happened since, perhaps we are being too reasonable! The Brexit Betrayal, the Covid Crisis, the Exams Fiasco have each brutally laid bare the incompetence, the injustice and the weakness of our politicians and "government" built up over decades now. We also stand by these fundamental principles as set out in 2015.

This is all about principles/ideas/ team working rather than personalities. Still the founder of the idea remains very much involved so, if it is helpful to you, you can find out more background about Graham.